The ABCs of a Chargeback Dispute

Have you ever paid for a product or service using your credit card only to get shortchanged? Consumers who start credit card and chargeback disputes are entering into serious business.

You can make a chargeback to dispute a transaction for many reasons 

Whether it is to your contractor for a remodeling job that was horribly done, your phone company automatically charging you for a service you already unsubscribed from or for an online hotel booking that ended up being a hoax, you must have lost quite a lot of money.

Many consumers do not know that they are protected. You can always make a chargeback claim get your money back if the bank feels you have a credible case!  In fact, making compelling cases against the company or organization that defrauded you is not always so easy.

First, any people make mistakes at this particular step. Furthermore, consumers do not effectively communicate with their bank and thus lose their money for good.

     Making your Credit Card Chargeback Dispute Claim

Your strategy is everything

In order for a consumer to make a successful chargeback, banks expect to hear logical cases built on Visa’s or MasterCard’s chargeback dispute policies.

If you got scammed, for example, it is important that customer service agents at your bank know enough to care to process your case correctly. Using the correct strategies makes them do just that!

It is important to note that merchants who acted illegally will defend themselves when a claim is presented to them. You, therefore, have to be a step ahead at when presenting your case.  Corrupt merchants are not looking to play nice.

If consumers do not present their chargeback claims correctly will many times cause your bank will reject them.  It may not be a bad idea to get some external help, some one to guide you in making your claims and doing it just right.  Here is where can help.

     MyChargeBack’s Dispute Strategy have been handling such cases for years now and knows exactly how to go about every single case. It’s understand that credit card disputes are serious and that credit card chargebacks warrant and demand professional advice.

The two-part strategy has proven to be very successful.

  1. Evaluating your case and ensuring it is presented correctly the first time. At this stage users of are required to complete a questionnaire.  They will outline and be guided in an easy question format to clarify their case.
  2. Upon receiving the answers, users are given professional, expert advice. This way tiny, silly mistakes won’t occur in conversation with the bank.  From your questionnaire, every vital factor into consideration, giving you the precise wording to say to your bank.Years of service has given the team the confidence to guarantee a win every time, or the user can get their fee back!

On average, it takes about 2-3 hours.  Therefore, it is just as easy as knowing how to use your rights, to get your money back!

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